About Us

Riverhorse Pallets is a 100% black owned Close Corporation.

Riverhorse Pallets manufactures and supplies new and refurbished pallets of high quality tailored to our customers' specific requirements. Riverhorse Pallets also provide services of collection and repairing of unwanted or broken pallets from our customers.

We pride ourselves in sourcing timber from FSC certified suppliers to ensure the consistency and sustainability of our supply chain. This enables us to maintain a Chain of Custody which in turn guarantees our customers that our products have been sourced and manufactured in a safe and environmentally sustainable process.

We are cognizant of the environmental impact that manufacturers impose on the atmosphere and therefore are committed to a sustainable supply chain that adheres to the rules and regulation set by the Department of Trade and Industry.

Our Goals & Values

You SAVE MONEY by using our Services. Make the right CHOICE!!


Our goal is to be an internationally recognized supplier of choice for all customers who are seeking high-quality pallets at competitive prices.
Our aim is to have a diverse range of products that will meet our customer’s needs for material handling equipment.


  • We are committed to continuous improvement.
  • We are committed to sustainable environmental practices.
  • We are committed to going the extra mile for customers.

Products & Services

We manufacture and supply new and repaired high-quality wooden pallets,

ensuring a visibly pleasing product that is reliable and durable.

Why Choose Us?

  • We have a highly motivated and dedicated management team who will ensure your needs are met.
  • We offer excellent quality and prices to our existing and new customers.
  • We are aware that standards expected by stakeholders are high and we intend on making certain our work is above the required standards.
  • We are a BEE Level 1 certified company.

Contact Us

Postal Address Contact Details:

 PO Box 964
Umhlanga Rocks – 4320

Physical Address:

 5 Tottum Road
Unit 18
Vision Business Park

Postal Address Contact Details

031 942 1391

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